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Summer, Take II

September 24, 2009

More than a few days of warm weather has brought new life to the garden.  Cut two more zucchini and a small bucket of beans.  That makes four (4) from the squash family so far this season, the most I’ve produced.  Before I started growing squash last year, I’d been inundated with stories of people burdened with too many fruits and was worried I wouldn’t have enough friends or co-workers to unload my excess bounty.  So funny, those people.  Let’s just say I have not had that particular “problem.”

Found a Savor melon growing underneath the bush beans a week or so ago:

Savor Melon

Savor Melon

Last night I was looking at the Johnny’s catalog, came across the Savor stock photo and decided I couldn’t wait any longer.  I grabbed a flashlight, snipped the melon and cut it open.

Too Early, Sucker

Too Early, Sucker

It’s supposed to look like this (when one waits until it’s ripe):

Johnny's Savor Melons

Johnny's Savor Melons

And it tasted not unlike a cucumber.  Damn it all.  Ah well.  Lessons for next year.

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