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Winding Down

September 16, 2009

Pulled my beet and the Zephyr, otherwise known as squash #2, along with some more beans.

Harvest 09112009

Harvest 09112009

Oh yea, and two tomatoes for ripening on the counter in paper bags.  I might just eat a homegrown tomato after all.  Still sunny and beautiful, but getting colder up here.  In the 40s at night and 60s during the day.  2nd planting of lettuce and broccoli liking the weather, though.  Another two weeks and I’ll close up shop.

As usual, the end of the season prompts a list of lessons, successes and failures that I’m compiling.  Two of the failures, once again, were eggplants and peppers, but I have a method of improvement for next year that I’m excited about.  After reading a fellow gardener’s advice on the GardenWeb forum, I’ll bring these (already potted) plants inside for the winter and set them out again in Spring (under hoop covers in one of the beds for a month or so).  Radical, I know.  We have such a short growing season and these warm-weather loving plants need all the help they can get.

Also … can’t let another adoring article about Portland’s food scene go unmentioned, in the Times, no less.

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