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June 30, 2009

Last day of June and the word is it’s the 5th wettest on record. Over 8 inches this month so far, and pretty cold as well. Very glad I waited to put my tomatoes out until last week, they might have a chance if we warm up soon, but it sure has to be soon because they are looking anemic. Most everything else is doing well and liking the rain.

Before I forget … for the record … on June 24, bush and pole beans, melons, squash, and tomatoes all went into the ground.  My 2 potato bags are filled to the top with soil now, so now we wait until the end of August (?) to dig out the spuds.  If all goes well, I may have my first heart attack from eating a metric ton of french fries.  One can only hope!

In other gardening news, our John Cabot rose bush has been almost completely defoliated. There are plenty of flowers, but no leaves left.  It looks bizarre.  I noticed the Japanese Beetles started munching on it last year not soon after we planted it. However, this year’s leaf devastation started in earnest a few weeks ago, way too early for the JBs. I’m guessing it must be either aphids or whiteflies. Made me mad enough to buy something from the Ortho line of products today. Yes, yes, I know, not very green of me, but dang it, the bush is far away from the vegetables and I sure ain’t going to eat my roses. I just hope I can get some new leaf growth before the summer’s out.

Edited to add a pic:

John Cabot, Defoliated

John Cabot, Defoliated

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