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Starting Lineup

June 10, 2009

Though it’s June up here, the weather is still cool and unpredictable, so I’ve been very conservative with what’s in the ground at the moment.  Indeed, what is in the ground?  So glad you asked, Interwebs (all of you)!  Beets, Carrots, Lettuces, Peas, Potatoes and Spinach.  Like I said, conservative.  Seedlings in waiting: Bush and Pole Beans, Cucumbers, Melons, Peppers, Squash and about 10 Tomato varieites.  They are the gardener’s pride and joy, after all.

How’s everything doing?  Beets and carrots were sown directly in the ground a couple of weeks ago and about half are poking through OK.  Lettuces were bought as seedlings, doing fine.  Peas are reaching for the sky and entwining themselves around my re-purposed frame wonderfully.  Potatoes sprouting leaves and doing great.  And Spinach?  Well, the spinach is sucking hard.  Meager, slow as molasses growth and appearing to bolt already.  I’ve tried for three years to grow the stuff without success.  I need to get more serious about soil testing instead of attempting to grow it blindly.

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