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July 25, 2013

Getting a steady stream of produce now that the weather is consistently warm: bush and pole beans, cucumbers, jalapeños, carrots, beets,potatoes and … three tomatoes.  Add to that a midsummer flower show from the previous owners’ planting of a variety of lilies, lavender and other attractors of good insects and it’s been pretty pleasant being out in the garden.

Multifurcated Carrot Cherry Tomatoesphoto-7Beans











Of course, I have had my share of pestilence this year.  Every single apple and peach stolen by squirrels.   Japanese Beetles destroyed the top leaves of my pole beans a couple weeks ago.  White flies and cabbageworms chomped on my kale seedlings.  And a pair of Tomato Hornworms went through 3 tomatoes and a number of stalks before I found them.  Here’s one of them moments before he was kidnapped and murdered.  Sorry worms, but now you’re familiar with the term “occupational hazard.”

Tom Hornworm

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