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October 1, 2012

Man, where did September go?  Aside from a little trimming here and there, I put the garden on autopilot for the month.  But the month was good to us and I harvested quite a bit of stuff.  First things first, though.  My solution for warding off the groundhogs and woodchucks was finally using some fencing that’s been occupying my garage since Maine.

En Garde!

It doesn’t keep the squirrels out, but they weren’t the main problem.  Combined with the use of row cover at night to cover the right bed completely and the left bed about halfway, I’ve kept pests away almost 100% of the time.  Shame that it took me so long to figure this out.  No, it ain’t pretty.  But it’s removable.  🙂

Finally had a good stream of tomatoes in September.  Also a near continuous supply of cucumbers, beans, peppers, kale and carrots.  Had 2 harvests of potatoes from the bags and they were done.  I didn’t do as well with those this season, possibly due to not changing the soil I used in the bags.  Will start fresh next season.

What else?  We had a bumper crop of apples from the tree, about 10 cantaloupes from the volunteer vine, and pints of raspberries from the vines I got from my neighbor (which we’re still getting every few days).  Good stuff.








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