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July 21, 2011

It’s hot.  Texas hot.  Looking at a map, one says to oneself “by all rights, states up here should not be as hot as states down there.” Right?  Dang.

The Somegarden is doing well aside from some blossom-end rot on my Japanese Black Trifele tomatoes.   None of the other varieties have been affected so far and I’ve been growing these for the past 3 years without this problem, so I guess these guys need more calcium than my soil can provide them.  I’ll need to work some bone meal in there this weekend.

A number of cukes are on the way, as well as zucchini, corn, beans, beets, potatoes and a jungle’s worth of tomatoes.  In the meantime, we’ve picked about 12 Shanti hot peppers so far and yowzers, they are as advertised. Oh and kale, lots of kale.  Sigh.  They do make nice chips if you’re so inclined.  Good recipe here.

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