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Spinach Harvest and Plant Sale

May 6, 2011

Plants kicked into high gear the past week, enough for me to harvest about a pound of spinach this morning.  Both varieties planted this year (Bloomsdale Long Standing and Greyhound) performed way better than others used in the past, so welcome to the semi-permanent lineup my friends.  Either you are a pair of badasses or I’m improving at this gardening thing.  Or both, I guess.

Also patronized our town garden club‘s very crowded annual plant sale yesterday (their 71st!).  The selection was amazing.  Picked up some swiss chard, basil, thyme, grape tomatoes, jalapenos, three ferns and two lilies.  My neighbor got to the sale later in the day and the grape tomatoes were gone, so I traded half of mine for some of her Small Frys, a variety I haven’t tried before.

And in that spirit, let us go forth and garden!

Maplewood Garden Club Plant Sale Booty

Plant Sale Booty

Spinach Harvest

Spinach Harvest

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