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Harvest Action

June 9, 2010

We’ve been eating a lot of lettuce, about 7 heads’ worth so far, and pretty much all the spinach from the beds the past 2 weeks.  I finally succeeded in actually growing spinach, so the fact that I’ll likely end up harvesting under 16 0z. when all is said and done gives me no grief.  It’s the journey, man.

Lettuce and Broccoli

Also cut the first head of broccoli and one stalk that was going to seed today.

Squash (Cost.Romanesco, Zephyr and Z. Elite) went in the ground over the weekend after I removed half a beds’ worth of bolted spinach to make room.  No room for the pumpkins and sweet dumpling squash seedlings yet.

Tomato seedlings are up.  I’ve got 9 of them potted and another 15 or so in waiting.  All are in limbo until I get some more room in the beds.  I should have started these earlier and will probably break down and buy some plants at some point.  Otherwise, I’m facing the prospect of being without a home grown tomato for another two months.  Yikes, I know.

Tom Seedlings

Potted Up

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