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Florida Respite

December 14, 2009

As Maine begins a long, long period of hibernation, the SMG family decided to fly south to warmer climes for a week.  Also, I turned 40.  The Florida Keys seemed appropriate.

The flora in Florida is, as one would expect, 100% different than what we’re used to seeing around here.  Hibiscus bushes blooming in December, that kind of thing.  It was sunny, in the 80s, just about every day.  We visited Bahia Honda State Park, just a little south of Marathon, where we stayed.  Here’s a view from the defunct train bridge in the park:

View From The Bridge

Bahia Honda State Park

Hmmm ... Something Missing

Train Bridge

There were iguanas and lizards everywhere.  Hotel pool, parks, beaches, grocery store parking lot, you name it.

Oh, hello there


We also went to a Wild Bird Center in Tavernier, kind of a combination rehabilitation space and sanctuary.



Mr. E was sort of impressed.

yep, those are some birds right there

E and Pelicans

We had a nice time.  Maine apparently wasn’t happy, though.  We were greeted with a blinding snowstorm the first day back.

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  1. Kim permalink
    December 15, 2009 1:42 PM

    Oooo…I didn’t realize there was an animal sanctuary! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics and hear about all the adventures!

  2. Kevin permalink*
    December 15, 2009 2:05 PM

    Yea, it was refreshing to see that there are places in Florida protecting wildlife. Got some good pics. Hope to finally create that Flickr account and get them posted over the holiday.

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