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Foodiest Small Town In America

August 31, 2009

If you’ll allow me a momentary diversion from all things gardening, I’d like to pass on the link to a news item: our fair city has been named “Foodiest Small Town In America” by Bon Appetit magazine.  The author really captured the exuberance we felt as newcomers to Portland in terms of food.  It was like our taste buds were awakened after a long, long slumber.  Having fresh seafood available, good produce and chefs who are continually striving to cook clean and let the ingredients speak for themselves (rather than salting the crap out of a dish a la Austin TX) is what won us over and what makes this town stand out.  In addition, one can drive a half-hour north or south to towns like Ogunquit and Brunswick for some equally stellar restaurants.  We are indeed blessed.

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