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August 3, 2009

For documentation’s sake …

The remaining 2 potato plants next to the blighted plant succumbed this past Wednesday and I hauled out 6 spuds of varying sizes.  Steamed them all for a grilled chicken / potato salad yesterday.  The other bag appears unaffected so far.

We had two or three days last week that were intensely hot and hazy, which has seemed to help things get a move on in the growth department.  Lettuce is finally starting to bolt, so we’ve been picking and eating it every other day.  Peas are on their way out, but have been picking and eating between 10-20 pods a day as well.  Beans, corn and carrots coming in.  Broccoli formed a few heads and got attacked by something or other – probably going to pull it on Wednesday if it gets worse – no time for a diagnosis / remedy.  One beet seedling still going strong.  The tomatoes have doubled in size over the past 2 weeks, but I’ll be lucky if I get a single, edible fruit by the end of the month.

Thus endeth the farm report.

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